Our Services

Full-Service Repair

We do it all! Our most popular services include oil changes, tune ups, brake repair, transmission fluid change and AC repair. We can also identify and fix any intricate problems that may be hidden.

High-Quality Parts

With an unfamiliar auto shop, you may get stuck with inexperienced repair work or salvaged replacement parts without a warranty to cover it. We only use high-quality name brand components to ensure a solid repair.

Free Diagnosis

We offer a free diagnosis prior to any service, which can typically cost anywhere between $20 and $40 at other mechanic shops.

Popular Services

Other Services We Offer

  • axle maintenance
  • power steering issues
  • suspension maintenance
  • steering and suspensions 
  • electrical systems
  • fleet maintenance
  • engine work
  • full engine swaps
  • fuel system services 
  • coolant systems
  • emmission repair
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